H-Series Engine Kit


This Bolt Boys H-Series Engine kit is designed for most H-Series motors. This 100+pc. kit comes with replacement stainless steel socket head bolts, washers and flange nuts for all sensors and components on your motor! A great addition to any motor…mild to WILD

(3)Distributor Cap
(4)Throttle Body
(10)Intake Manifold Flange Nuts
(2)Throttle Cable
(3)Fuel Rail Flange Nuts
(3)Vtec Solenoid
(2)H20 Neck
(2)Cam Cap Intake
(2)Cam Cap Exhaust
(9)Exhaust Manifold Flange Nuts
(2)Thermostat Housing
(2)Thermostat Housing to Block
(1)Thermostat Housing Ground


*Due to vehicles coming in different models/trims, actual bolt count may vary. Chart is given as reference only.

**Always use anit-seize lubricant when installing new hardware.

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